Welcome to the Bourne End Swimming Section

We are part of the Bourne End Junior Sports Club which has been providing opportunities for young people to become involved in a wide variety of sporting activities since 1970.

As the swimming section, we offer two swimming facilities :

Our philosophy is to provide all members with an opportunity to swim regardless of their standard or aspirations. Integration from the Learn to Swim Programme into the Competitive Swimming Section can be seamlessly achieved through the progressive squad system that has successfully enabled swimmers to improve upon their strokes and stamina.

The club enters a number of events during the year :

Our Club Championships in the Autumn and Spring provide an opportunity for all swimmers to participate in timed competitive events in a friendly atmosphere. Its a great way to record swim times to monitor personal progress and achievements.

A warm welcome is extended to all new members by the coaching team, who are able to assess your entry level during an informal swim with the club on a Saturday morning.

Please contact us at info@BEJSC-Swimming.org.uk for details.